teamWork CRM

With no single platform from which to automate tasks and streamline and manage communications, SMEs typically encounter the following stumbling blocks to better customer relationships:

  • Key customer data is being updated & manually, leading to risk of miscommunication, misfiling and even loss of your customer records.

  • Essential information is hosted on multiple system, causing data duplication and redundancies, and wasted time and resources

  • Conducting email marketing campaigns typically requires the use of a separate system, resulting in extra effort and additional costs

  • Different departments, work individually instead of integrating their processes and communication to holistically address customer's needs

Building effective customer relationships

A fully integrated, Cloud-based, database management system, teamWork CRM provides a one-stop solution for SMEs to capture sales and marketing leads and translate them into transactions while enhancing their customer relationships.

With teamWork CRM, companies can efficiently share information across key departments to productively manage their customer data, and harness a variety of online tools to stay connected with their customers

By automating the customer management process on the Cloud, you can better:
1. consolidate and manage your customer database
2. manage expanding sales activities and implement marketing strategies
3. track sales and marketing activities and outcomes
4. monitor and improve

A single system to store all your sales information

With teamWork CRM, all your business processes and customer records are accessible on one platform. The handy dashboard app gives you important customer information at a glance so you can make informed decisions on effective sales and marketing strategies.

Target your marketing campaigns for greater response

Since information on your customers is already inside teamWork CRM, and tagged to industries, your marketing team can pull out an industry segment from your database and send mass email campaigns targeted specifically to that segment in a few simple steps, all at no extra cost.

Portal that will help to:

  1. manage product/service matrixe
  2. consolidate and manage customer database
  3. send out quotations
  4. monitor sales leads
  5. generate invoice or sales order
  6. know your customer better by keeping track of all customer interactions
  7. keep records up to date for more targeted marketing campaigns
  8. monitoring and improve customer service
  9. manage promotional campaigns

Respond to customers faster

With teamWork CRM as a centralised form of communication accessible on the Cloud through an Internet connection, your staff have access to customer data anytime, anywhere. This enables them to give prompt updates to customers and allows them to close the service loop quickly, increasing customer satisfaction. Functionalities such as online chat and enquiry requests will also assist your team in addressing customers’ concerns immediately and efficiently

Never lose a lead again

With teamWork CRM, information on client prospecting and sales enquiries is collected and organised for easy retrieval and access. With information easy to hand, your sales team can waste no time getting down to qualifying captured suspects and turning prospects into paying customers

Share and collaborate as a team

teamWork CRM’s Cloud capabilities enable your team to discuss and resolve any ongoing issues online and in real time. This ensures your company maintains a high level of organisational responsiveness

Close deals fast and get paid quicker

With every sales activity recorded in teamWork CRM, your sales team can use customisable templates to generate impressive quotations and proposals in a matter of seconds. Once the deal is closed, the quotation can be easily turned into an invoice and emailed direct to your customer for fast and efficient billing and improved cash flow.

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