Approach & Technology

Our 4DiC Approach

At infoTrust, we provide a holistic suite of services that ensures your organisational needs are met through quality targeted IT solutions designed to work with your business. Our 4DiC Approach to project management and delivery enables us to truly understand your business and design effective IT solutions that drive productivity and automation, leaving your business operating seamlessly.

Our first step is to understand your business processes and SOPs and analyse current workflows of your operation to help us to identify and document potential bottlenecks, redundancies and duplication of tasks. We ask questions and help you set priorities, and then we design an optimum workflow that our IT solutions will help automate. Working within your agreed budget, we refine and tighten your overall business processes while staying on top of costs.
Now that we understand the requirements, we establish a work plan and chart out important timelines and milestones for the project, appointing a project manager on site throughout to ensure not only those milestones are met on schedule but that quality is not compromised. Our development team begins to design processes that will help plug the gaps that are unique to your system yet integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.
Using the latest coding techniques and cloud innovations in partnership with Microsoft, our team develop and code a fully functional, customised and integrated IT solution that meets the agreed requirements. We test-bed the system thoroughly to ensure it meet its functionalities before moving onto the deployment phase.
We conduct a soft launch of your system for the initial month. During this phase, users will be trained and will have the opportunity to try the system and raise any problematic issues that they encounter. We rectify these issues and ensure that the system is highly optimised before launching it in a fully live environment. You will also receive login credentials and user guides so that you can easily configure and maintain the system without the need of an IT professional.
infoTrust Care
Even after the system is fully adopted by your users, you can be assured of continual IT support in the form of infoTrust Care to help keep your system performing at its optimum at all times. In the event of any downtime, we will work to restore full functionality in accordance with our Service Level Agreement to ensure minimum disruption to your business.